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The Toddlers Playroom - For  18 Months to 3 Years

Little Gems is dedicated to making sure that your toddler has excitement and fun to help them enjoy their time with us.


As learning becomes a natural part of their everyday life at Little Gems Day Nursery your toddler will be in a stimulating environment with 1 carer to every 4 toddlers.

Day Nursery Activities

We have created an imaginative approach to play and activities which is ideal for 2 to 3 year olds; helping them to explore, discover and master new skills for their age range.

This approach reflects how your toddler begins to make sense of the world around them in amusing and exciting ways and helps to teach your toddler new language and communication skills. They can then use these skills to extend their vocabulary and to express themselves in a positive manner, with each other.

Children are able to cover a wide range of activates to suit their age group and individual developmental needs from painting and sticking to play-dough, sand and water.


Children are given the opportunity to sit and play at the tables sharing and taking turns with play materials; helping them learn to interact with other children, which prepares them for pre-school.

One of our aims is to encourage independence and social skills at meal times, sharing and taking turns.


Our imaginative activities help to create an environment that nurtures toddlers as they grow. Our staff have the time to help develop your toddlers  social skills and self-esteem, ensuring they are happy and confident.

Keeping You Informed

Our staff will always take the time to feed back to you with honesty about your toddler’s day and their development and we will listen to your needs or concerns as parents.


Your toddler’s key worker creates a development book, unique to them, in which we can record their personality and progress during their time with us.


During the last term in the toddler room, your child will be introduced to pre-writing skills which include writing patterns, name recognition and letter sounds recognition.


When you feel your child is ready for potty training then please liaise with your key worker in order to allow your child to progress at their own speed to prevent any stressful experiences.  Due to parents/carers preferences we ask that nappies and wipes be provided by you.














Daily Routine for The Toddlers Room

Children Arrive & Free Play

Tidy Up Time

Calendar & Wash Hands

Breakfast Time

Free Play

Cutting Fruit

Nappies Changed

Fruit Time

Tidy Up Time & Coats On

Outdoor Play

Tidy Up Time & Line Up

Story Time

Lunch Time

12:40 - 2:00












Sleeping Time or Outdoor Play

Nappies Changed & Outdoor Play

Tidy Up Time

Group Singing Time

Free Play

One-one Time


Tidy Up Time

Large Group

Tidy Up Time

Tea Time

Home Time

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