Working together to make your and your child’s experience enjoyable

Our most important aim at Little Gems is for every child to feel welcome, valued and listened to and that they feel a strong sense of belonging, both to their nursery and family life.


We are extremely proud of the quality of care we can offer your child. We will support the children in becoming confident and independent learners and as a result our commitment to working closely with families runs through everything we do.


We give all children opportunities for new experiences as they grow and develop. We give individual attention and time to each child, listening to them and treating them with equality, respect and compassion.


As a parent, you can be assured that your child will enjoy a wide range of stimulating activities and learn the social skills that they need to become independent and confident.  With us, children learn the skills to develop strong relationships with the people around them.

Parent and staff relationships are very important to us and we provide daily feedback regarding your child’s day. We are always interested in parents/carers views and we welcome your comments and suggestions.  We also provide comments books which enable you to leave your feedback when its convenient.

Key Person Approach

At Little Gems Day Nursery we take the 'Key Person' approach in which we ensure that each child has a strong relationship with an adult in the nursery to support their emotional well being, as child knows that there is someone in particular taking care of them whilst they are away from their parents


When they have someone who gets to know them well and supports them in interacting with others their confidence and well being is supported.


A key worker is responsible for sharing details of your child’s daily experiences and the best contact for parents and carers. Knowing your child also means knowing your family and other key carers such as nannies or childminders and the relationships which your child has with these key people.

We aim to make each

child feel special!

Settling In

We understand how difficult it can be to leave your child for the first time. Our priority is to help you and your family feel welcome and relaxed. Our settling in sessions are offered free of charge and are arranged with the parents or carers needs in mind.


You are very welcome to telephone and be put through to your child’s room and speak to one of their carers at any time to see how your child is settling in.

Our Nursery Meals

We firmly believe that by giving children a healthy start in life you can provide firm foundations for their future.


Our experienced cooks offer a healthy and well balanced menu, prepared daily with fresh produce. We do not add salt or sugar to our food and we can cater for most special dietary requirements. A daily menu is displayed on all nursery noticed board.


We fully support you in the process of weaning your baby. Babies will have their food from the menu puréed. We also encouraged plenty of finger foods.


Your child’s full dietary requirements will be discussed during your settling in session. At this time we will liaise with you to complete a section in your child’s Individual Learning profile.


We want every child to enjoy meals at nursery and to experience lots of different foods. We have regular special theme meals where the food offered may be less traditional but no child will be forced to take part and there will always be an alternative available.

Sensory Room

Our sensory room provides children with all abilities, particularly those with special educational needs, children have exciting opportunities to experience a variety of sights, sounds, textures and movements. This is a fantastic facility is open to all age groups within the nursery where children can benefit greatly from the technology and equipment available.

Music Room

Outdoor Play

We provide a variety of musical instruments, along with cassettes CD's to enhance music appreciation, movement, rhythm and listening skills.

Outdoor play is important part of us at Little Gems. At our nursery we are proud of the exciting, outdoor garden area with both natural and manufactured resources where children are given opportunity for physical activities, to explore the environment and to interact and develop their social skills.

We have dedicated areas for digging and growing crops that your child can plant and nurture. Your child will enjoy watching them grow whilst learning the value of nutrition. We are also developing an allotment where children will be able to grow their own fruit and vegetable outdoors.


Our playgrounds have been designed to provide a fun area where your child can play safely using a range of active equipment such as bicycles, scooters climbing frames, large sand/ball pit. Everything we provide for your child is intended to nurture an interest in healthy living and physical activity.

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