Quality Baby Day Care In Lewisham

We consider learning to begin at birth and we promise to nurture a love of learning in your child that will stay with them long after they have moved on from Little Gems Day Nursery.


We aim to maintain a calming and comfortable environment that will act as a child’s home from home and help them to develop a strong sense of belonging within the nursery.


From the age of 3 months babies explore new experiences. This room allows close care and attention to be given to each young baby’s individual needs.

The Baby Playroom - For Under 2's

Lewisham Baby Nursery - Learning Through Play

In the Baby Room the children's early development is encouraged through a range of suitable activates, relevant play equipment and toys.


As we know young babies learn through their senses such as sounds, smells and physical contact; that is why we include activities such as singing games, painting and talking, as well as encouraging early movement skills for standing and walking, whilst older babies enjoy clapping and heuristic play through out the day.


There are opportunities for one-one interaction with staff and other children, building on previous experiences, increasing the range of materials and introducing new ideas which include group activates of sand, water, play dough and painting with a variety of tools.


The floor area is set out with attractive, bright, stimulating toys which enhance their motor skills. For their intellectual development table top toys, games and jigsaw puzzles are always available.


Quality Day Care For Babies

During the first year of their life, children earn so much and grow so quickly, both physically and emotionally. Usually all initial care is given by parents and immediate family, but where this is not possible, it is important to find a suitable alternative.


It can be hard to find a nursery that will commit as much time, care and attention to your baby as you do, but here at Little Gems Day Nursery, we have the experience and devotion to care for babies of all needs.


We keep a record of the days routine in a book which is shared with parents and carers every day, keeping you up to date with their development and activities.


The Baby Sleeping Room

For those children who need a daytime sleep, cots or a bed are available and all those children they have their own sheets and blankets to ensure a hygienic environment.


Whilst children sleep there is always a member of staff to monitor and keep records of the length of time they sleep.














Daily Routine for The Baby Room

Children Arrive & Free Play

Tidy Up Time

Singing Time/Story Time

Breakfast Time

Free Play

Creative Activities

Nappies Changed

Fruit Time

Tidy Up Time


Outdoor Play

Story Time

Lunch Time

12:30 - 2:00










Sleeping Time

Nappies Changed

Free Play/Outdoor Play


One-one Time

Free Flow

Group Time

Tidy Up Time

Tea Time

Home Time

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